Creditor services

Get cost-effective dividend collection without the administrative burden and distraction of all that paperwork and red-tape. Estuary Finance takes care of it while you concentrate on your business.

Being independent and impartial gives us the flexibility it takes to deliver maximised recovery rates. While our online Dividend Tracker not only collects dividends but gives you complete clarity and total transparency you can trust.

Our process begins by researching, profiling and contacting a debtor to formulate the best approach to deliver the best possible return:

  1. Refinancing through Invoice Finance/ Asset-Based Lending
  2. Negotiating a payment plan or starting insolvency procedures
  3. Litigation to petition for a compulsory winding-up/ bankruptcy order

We further maximise your dividend by nominating the most cost-effective Insolvency Practitioners for a given case. And, in the event of compulsory wind-up/ bankruptcy, we can usually notify you within 48 hours of any court order so you can take full advantage of the annulment process.


Estuary Finance work in partnership with you to resolve debt issues. Our advanced profiling techniques monitor debts to identify risk of non-payment and help differentiate between “can’t” and “won’t” payers for focused credit control. Factors include:

  • Credit reference data, CCJs, debentures and notifications of insolvency
  • Change of directorship / company secretary
  • Increase in DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)
  • For consumers – estimated equity and electoral role information

Where the data points to a customer’s impending insolvency our finance team will try to assist in securing finance so the customer continues trading.

When appropriate, our experience and industry connections mean Estuary Finance can recommend and work closely with debt collection agencies for cost-effective recovery. And, once all avenues have been explored, our profiling data can identify accounts viable for litigation.

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